The overall time commitment needed to complete a distance learning course is usually comparable to the time and work involved in successfully completing a classroom-based course. Distance learning requires students to be self-disciplined, well organized, and have strong time management skills in order to be successful. Take the UD Online Orientation to learn more about being a student in an online course.

Being prepared

Academically, UD Online classes are identical to classroom-based college classes. Professors require research papers and projects, quizzes, exams, and other forms of participation. All demand time and effort from students. The overall time commitment needed will be comparable to the time and work involved in successfully completing a classroom-based course.

Managing your time

It is important to remember that UD Online courses are not self-paced. While your schedule for viewing lectures or accessing internet resources will be flexible most of the time, the assignment and exam completion deadlines for all distance learning courses, regardless of the technology or format used, are determined by the instructor and are listed in your syllabus.

Staying organized

To be a successful distance learning student, you need to be self-motivated and well organized to stay on track. Experienced UD Online students recommend setting aside specific time periods each week, devoted to viewing class lectures, assigned Internet activities, reading course materials and texts, and completing course assignments.

Managing your workload

Every course has a different workload and different course requirements, making each course schedule unique. Some courses will require library research for papers and projects. Review your syllabus carefully at the beginning of the semester and make note of any required exams, research papers, or other projects so that you can be prepared for the necessary time commitment involved.

Double-checking your equipment and access requirements

It is very important to ensure that you have adequate computing equipment to access your course. Testing your equipment prior to the start of the semester will enable you to work out any technical difficulties before you need to tackle the coursework itself. Review the technical requirements and check your course access before the semester begins.

You should resolve any computing problems or technical issues prior to the semester’s free drop/add date. No tuition refunds due to technical issues are granted after the free drop/add deadline of the semester.