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Demand for data science skills on the rise

In the recent Big Data and AI Executive Survey 2019 by NewVantage Partners, 92% of the organizations said they are increasing their pace of investment in big data and artificial intelligence.

Analytics: Optimizing Big Data Certificate

Feb. 17-May 18, 2020
Wilmington, Del.

Acquire the tools needed to analyze large datasets and join the rapidly growing analytics field.


With this investment comes a need for workers to handle the associated duties. According to the 2018 LinkedIn Workforce Report, “Demand for data scientists is off the charts.” Just three years after a surplus of people with data science skills existed, shortages are present in almost every large U.S. city.

In addition to data scientist, in-demand big data jobs include, but are not limited to, data engineer, data analyst, security engineer, database manager, data architect and technical recruiter. Looking to help meet this need, the University of Delaware’s Division of Professional Continuing Studies (UD PCS) is offering its Analytics: Optimizing Big Data Certificate program on Monday nights, Feb. 17-May 18, in Wilmington.

Focusing on the unique combination of computational, analytical and communication proficiencies required by the big data field, UD introduces the tools and techniques needed to use data-supported solutions to improve business performance. Topics include importing data into analytics software, performing graphical and data analysis, building analytics models, finding the best model to explain correlation among variables, and learning how to control and assess data variability to meet customer requirements.

The program is directed at business, marketing and operations managers; financial industry professionals; small business owners; and data analysts or professionals in any field who deal with large amounts of data. Though there are no formal prerequisites, a basic understanding of statistics is required, and prior experience with data management is helpful.

Discounts are available, and a payment plan is offered. For more information, visit, email, or call 302-831-7600.