Professional & Continuing Studies

“I never thought I could love school this much. Lifelong learning has always been important to me although not necessarily in a formal way. None of my former teachers living or dead would be likely to describe me as a highly motivated student. They should see me now.”

“What is there to love about the OLLI program? The wonderful people who are OLLI in large part are a group of dedicated volunteers. We are people of different backgrounds and varying education levels who enjoy learning and meeting people.  In a country that seems polarized by politics OLLI is a sea of reason and a willingness to learn from each other.”

“A couple of years ago I was looking forward to an OLLI class that was unfortunately canceled at the last minute. Other class members were disappointed too, until three OLLI members came to the rescue. One coordinated, and the two who were retired teachers ended up teaching the class. For the love of education three dedicated people with different talents and skills came together to save one of the best classes I have taken at OLLI. That is just one more reason I love it here.­­”

Joe Bailey of Dover is an active member and volunteer of the OLLI program in Dover.