Professional & Continuing Studies

“I decided to pursue Lean Six Sigma certification to prepare myself for different opportunities that may present themselves in my organization. This skill set will be beneficial for process improvement that can be applied in all aspects of business within – and even outside of – my organization.”

“The schedule worked perfect for me. It allowed me to comfortably study the lessons while tending to my work week seamlessly. The class size was just right, allowing us to work both individually and cohesively as a team as well as form friendships throughout the eight weeks of class.”

“This program presented Lean Six Sigma methodology in a way that was easily understood, with real world examples. The faculty were very friendly, approachable, accommodating and great mentors. They have continued to reach out to the class members to share useful tools even after the class has finished.”

“The Lean Six Sigma methodology has changed the way I approach things in my work, and in general. I have only been in my current role less than a year, and I had the chance to speak to the leadership team about applying some Lean Six Sigma methodologies in my area of the organization. All in all, I consider the whole experience valuable in all aspects of my career; both now and my future goals in the workplace.”

Alan Bernardo works in the risk and recovery operations unit of a major bank. He completed the University of Delaware’s Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certificate.