Professional & Continuing Studies

The Professional Drone Pilot Training Academy provides comprehensive UAS training to drone novices and advanced users alike.

About 400,000 jobs being created

A 2017 article in Time magazine listed drone traffic controller as one of “The 6 Jobs Everyone Will Want in 2040.” With companies like Amazon and Google testing ways to deliver packages by drone, corporate job openings are inevitable and it is predicted there will be a need to regulate the drones through an air traffic system similar to what airplane pilots use.

Professional Drone Pilot Training Academy
Wilmington, Del.

2018 Offerings

Ground School and FAA Part 107 Test Prep
July 28-29

Foundations of Flight
Aug. 11-12

Matrice M210 Operator Proficiency
Sept. 8-9 or Oct. 6-7

D3P™ Drone Program Manager Proficiency Training
Nov. 3-4

Night Operations and Thermal Imaging
Dec. 1-2


Though 2040 is more than 20 years away, there are plenty of occupations utilizing unmanned aerial systems (UAS) today, including police, fire and rescue personnel, engineers, real estate agents, photographers and roofers. Some of the other many commercial uses for drones include movie shoots, marketing and advertising, precision agriculture, construction design and building inspection, scientific observation, environmental monitoring and security surveillance.

The FAA Aerospace Forecast for Fiscal Years 2018-2038 reported there will be “tremendous opportunities for growth in employment associated with commercial activities of the UAS.” Inc. magazine said as the registered commercial drone fleet climbs, every few new drones creates at least one job, at a minimum, to maintain, deploy and operationalize the asset. As a result of this, a workforce of about 400,000 is being created in just a few years.

In response to this need, the University of Delaware’s Division of Professional and Continuing Studies (UD PCS) has revamped its drone training program to provide in-demand, multifaceted training at the best possible value. The new Professional Drone Pilot Training Academy provides comprehensive UAS training to drone novices and advanced users alike. From beginners seeking FAA Part 107 pilot certification to advanced pilots responsible for lifesaving tactical missions, UD has drone training courses that fit all needs and skill levels. Designed to be completed over a single weekend, each of the courses provides industry-leading instruction and features highly qualified UAS experts with extensive flight experience in practical applications.

For more information about UD’s Professional Drone Pilot Training Academy, visit, email, or call 302-831-7600.