Professional & Continuing Studies

2022 Program Objectives

The Eastern Shore Medical Symposium provides a comprehensive review of pertinent topics in primary care medicine. By discussing both the evidence behind each topic and practical approaches for incorporating new information and processes into their practices, we strive to assist participants in continually improving the patient care they provide.

  • Discuss current diagnostic and therapeutic options for common illness and injuries seen in a primary care practice
  • Defend the rationale for the selection of different therapies based upon currently available, evidence-based information and individual patient profile.
  • Apply the latest guidelines for disease screening, prevention and management of chronic diseases.
  • Classify psychopharmacological medications and their recommended uses, unique characteristics, side effects, interactions, dosage, and costs as well as individual patient considerations.
  • Identify gaps in care, barriers and health disparities in the LGBTGIA+ communities.
  • Take part in clinician-patient discussions before initiating treatments and therapies, especially for primary prevention.
  • Identify prevention and management strategies for common sports medicine injuries and conditions.
  • List specific actions to improve the life and well being of geriatric patients with cognitive decline as well as their caregivers.
  • Utilize evidence-based approaches of coping with the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.
  •  Assess the safety and efficacy of alternative treatment modalities and complementary medicine.
  • Determine appropriate patient referrals to specialists for evaluation and treatment.