Professional & Continuing Studies

“I pursued UD’s program to get a trainer certification under my belt and to prepare for the Certified Personal Trainer exam through the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM).”

“Originally, my interest in fitness training came when I was recovering from a serious knee injury and surgery. As a college athlete, the rehab and training became a priority for me.”

“Over time, I realized how much I loved the training on its own, and I enjoyed going to the gym more than I enjoyed going to practice. Later I became involved in the CrossFit Games, and I realized I could take my enthusiasm for competition into the fitness field and have a longer career.”

“As I became more involved in training, I started to realize how much it’s applicable to preventive health, injury prevention and rehab, and applicable for all ages including an older clientele.”

“If I can apply my fitness expertise to encourage and inspire others, that’s the goal. It’s very important to me that I’m helping my clients become more well-rounded, not just through CrossFit, not just through bodybuilding, but through a whole array of fitness activities that can help improve their wellbeing and ways of life.”

Ben Lewis is a personal trainer and CrossFit athlete and trainer based in Sussex County, Del. He works with clients at Sussex County Athletics, the MAX Challenge, and through the CoachUp app. He completed UD’s Personal Fitness Trainer Certificate program in 2017.