Professional & Continuing Studies

“I love being a student. In college this time around, I’m focused and I’m here to earn my degree.”

“After originally enrolling at UD in the late 60s, I left after the first few semesters. There were so many distractions, and at the time, I was just not prepared to focus and do well in college.”

“I’ve wanted to go back to college for at least the last twenty years. By the time my youngest son started classes at UD a few years ago, I decided it was my opportunity too. I had heard about UD’s tuition-free program for Delaware residents over age 60, and worked with my academic advisor at UD’s ACCESS Center to register for my first classes. It was a huge help that most of my previous college credits transferred.”

“I’ve always been interested in history and cultures, and my first class was Introduction to Archaeology. Through my anthropology classes, I had an exciting opportunity to participate in an excavation project at New Castle Presbyterian Church.”

“In college this time around, I’m focused and I’m here to earn my degree. I love being a student and am absolutely comfortable with the younger students. I participate in study groups, and I feel just like any of the other students on campus. Both my son and a nephew are current UD students, and we often compare our courses and our experiences.”

Margie Mayer Masino is currently a University of Delaware junior majoring in anthropology, pursuing a bachelor’s degree through UD’s Over-60 Tuition Free Degree Program for residents of Delaware. In addition to enrolling in one or two classes each semester, Masino works two different jobs and is currently president of the Newark Historical Society where she has been a longtime volunteer and supporter.