Professional & Continuing Studies

“The skills and knowledge that I obtained from this program exceeded my expectations.”

“I pursued the Project Management Certificate because of my strong belief that one of the elements of success in business practice is organization. In my practice, I noticed that the lack of systematic plans are among the main contributors to the success or failure of a project or even an entire organization. Project management gives me these skills that I needed in my career.”

“The skills and knowledge that I obtained from this program exceeded my expectations. Creating teams and working on a practice project beginning with the first day of class was a very effective learning strategy. Going through the team building process, researching issues, building project portfolios and reports and other project management processes to reach a closeout at the end—all were valuable experiences.”

“The positive attitude and the flexibility of the program instructor and the staff contributed significantly to the success of the program and the success of the learners.”

“In my career, I have always been wearing multiple hats. I plan to use project management methodologies in my professional practice, and plan to explore project management certification opportunities such as CAPM and PMP.”

Ayman Mottaleb has been a senior instructor in languages, culture and comparative legal studies at the United States Naval Academy, as well as an author and management and logistics professional.