Professional & Continuing Studies

“Since completing the program, I have moved into a new role managing large scale global projects.”

“The biggest positive about this program was that it emphasized teamwork over individual contributorship. Modeled off of the real world where teamwork is becoming more critical to business success, this program created an environment for team members to come together and work toward a common purpose.”

“To be competitive in my industry and to prepare for my next career move, I needed the skill set provided by both the Project Management and the Lean Six Sigma program. Furthermore, the University of Delaware had a great reputation nationally for both programs. Since completing the certificates, I have moved into a new role in New York City for Citigroup, managing large scale global projects in our technology division.”

“Our instructor was ideal, having had a significant amount of project management experience from a career perspective, personal perspective and community perspective. His experience in each of these areas provided a unique perspective that spanned all of the backgrounds of the students in the program, making it easier to connect principles and key concepts to our work.”

“Beyond the coursework, the University of Delaware programs provided an extensive opportunity to network with people across various industries through targeted teamwork activities as well as informal group activities. I learned a lot from the people around me as they spoke of the various challenges they encounter in their personal work efforts.”

Shams Naim is a business analyst for Citigroup in New York City. He completed the University of Delaware’s Project Management and Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certificates.