Professional & Continuing Studies

Neal Monique sitting in front of a bookshelf, holding a black and white photo.Monique Neal completed the University of Delaware’s Paralegal Certificate Program and has since completed a three-month law firm internship and is now working at the real estate branch of one of Delaware’s oldest law firms.

 “I began college with the goal of pursuing law school. My path deviated, and I spent much of my career as a teacher in the prep boarding school world.”

“Having earned both my undergraduate and graduate degrees from the University of Delaware, I returned to UD to pursue the Paralegal Certificate.”

“The program is rigorous and demands one be dedicated and steadfast, but the instructors are committed to student success, and they are quite giving of their time and expertise. The evening classes, the legal practitioner-instructors, the Wilmington location, and the academic rigor all created a “True Blue” UD experience. I have had many doors open to me since completing the program.”

“I enjoy the dynamic, team-driven nature of worker’s compensation and personal injury law. Every day presents a new challenge and, usually, a new success. My Paralegal Certificate has allowed me to do traditional paralegal/law firm work, as well as project management.”

Pictured here with a photo of her mother’s 1957 UD graduating class, Neal adds, “Along with my twin brother and niece, I am proud to be a UD ‘legacy.’ Our late mother Gwendolyn Roberts was among the first black Americans to attend and graduate from the University of Delaware.”