Professional & Continuing Studies

“By any measurement, UD’s RN Refresher program was the strongest of the programs I considered.”

“For a very long time, I’ve had a goal of using my nursing background to engage in some type of work in the developing world. I decided to focus on helping educate nurses in Rwanda, as most of the nurses and nurse educators were lost in the genocide and the health care workforce is steadily being rebuilt. This led me to return to nursing and to pursue a Master of Science in Nursing Education at Georgetown University.”

“I have not been in active nursing practice in the clinical environment since 1990. A comprehensive and strong refresher program that would bring me up to speed with changes in the health care system and in nursing was imperative.”

“I currently live in London, United Kingdom and spent a great deal of time looking at many online refresher programs. By any measurement, UD’s program was the strongest of the programs I considered, in both program delivery and content. Despite living overseas, the faculty made sure there was a strong sense of connection with all participants so distance was not a barrier and there was frequent dialogue with other classmates.”

“The program excelled in every aspect of what I expected and I have since recommended it to several colleagues.”

“I actually enjoyed online learning so much that I took an online statistics course with UD to fulfill another prerequisite. While the learning curve for both courses was steep, UD’s methodology in online teaching is so effective and well organized that I was able to meet with success in both.”

Nancy Reynolds completed UD’s RN Refresher Online and is currently pursuing a graduate nursing degree.