Professional & Continuing Studies

“One of the best features of the program is the instructors, all of whom actively practice law.”

I started working as a legal assistant in 2012 for an attorney in solo practice. I decided to pursue the Paralegal Certificate because I really enjoyed what I was I doing and I wanted to learn more.”

“One of the best features of UD’s Paralegal Certificate is the instructors, all of whom actively practice law, which is very important since the law is continually changing. The instructors were so confident and well-informed about the areas of law they taught. This clearly reassured me that I was getting a great education.”

“Currently I am a paralegal for an attorney in the personal injury, workers’ compensation, employment and criminal field, and I enjoy almost everything about it. I enjoy meeting new people every day and learning about their situations. My goal is to be the best paralegal I can be. I would love to specialize in the area of immigration along with the other specialties I’m currently involved in. I am an immigrant myself and I would love helping other immigrants through the long path in becoming a citizen of this country.”

Elizabeth Muñoz Romero is a paralegal in Wilmington, Del. She completed the University of Delaware’s Paralegal Certificate.