Professional & Continuing Studies

“This program was a great place to start before starting to work on my degree.”

“I pursued this program because although I had a very basic understanding of the law, I wanted to know more. I had not been in school since graduating from high school in 1986, so I thought this program would be a great place to start before actually working on my degree. And I was right, it gave me the confidence I needed to make the decision to start working on a degree in 2013.”

“The faculty was super! Just a phone call or email away, they were always available to answer questions, and encourage and support the students. Their stories and examples kept the class interested and sometimes on the edge of their seats. Each story related to a topic that we were learning at the time, and really helped give us a better understanding of how the law would apply in specific situations.”

“Before the completing the Paralegal Certificate, my title was E-Filing Administrative Assistant. As a Paralegal, my position involves collections for residential water and wastewater accounts, filing complaints in Justice of the Peace Court, as well as representing the company in Justice of the Peace Court for cases where a defendant requests a trial. My position is constantly challenging and rewarding at the same time.”

“This course gave me a better understanding of the law overall. When you understand what you are doing you are more confident, efficient and productive. I know what resources to use and where to go to get the answers I need. That increases my productivity, and the company’s bottom line.”

LuAnn M. Snow is a paralegal for Artesian Water Company. She completed the University of Delaware’s Paralegal Certificate, and plans to begin a bachelor’s degree in paralegal studies.