Professional & Continuing Studies

“The program’s most valuable experience was the hands-on creation of a social media strategy.”

“I have been involved with traditional media since graduating from the University of Delaware in 1975. When Mt. Cuba Center began to explore reaching a broader range of visitors, social media became an important tool in the marketing strategy. Searching for best practices, platforms, and content creation proved to be almost overwhelming. I wanted a professional foundation in understanding how to use social media and thought that the certificate program could provide insights from experienced experts in the field.”

“The certificate program’s most valuable experience was the hands-on creation of a social media strategy for a local nonprofit organization. Our class met with the organization’s leaders to determine their goals, assess the potential audiences and create a content-rich online marketing plan. The program offered a methodology for determining appropriate audiences, the platforms to reach those audiences in an engaging manner and the tools for measuring ultimate success.”

“The Social Media instructors were working professionals who are on top of the latest platforms and strategies. The session on the legal aspects of social media should be heard by anyone who is using social media for business. Tips and tricks were offered in every class, and the instructors used real-life situations to illustrate best practice policies.”

Jeanette Zipf recently completed the University of Delaware’s Social Media Marketing Strategy Certificate. She is the education registrar at Mt. Cuba Center in Hockessin, Del.

UD’s Social Media Marketing program has recently been revamped by creating two new classes: Fundamentals of Social Media Marketing and Advanced Social Media Marketing for Business.