Professional & Continuing Studies

Explore Career Interests and Goals

Meet with a UD ACCESS advisor for career exploration and assessments

  • Identify your career interests and goals.
  • Evaluate your strengths and transferable skills and how these may benefit employers.
  • Consider your preferences for a work environment (i.e. geographic location, hours, industry).
  • Meet with a University of Delaware ACCESS counselor for career exploration and assessments. The ACCESS Center offers career assessment and counseling, and academic advisement for adults.

Online career advice and information

  • LiveCareer—offers career resources and information for all stages of the job search process
  •—site hosted by Richard Bolles, author of What Color is Your Parachute

Gather Career and Industry-specific Information

U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics resources

  • Industries at a Glance—research occupations by different industries and get information regarding training and advancement, earnings, expected job prospects and working conditions.
  • Occupational Outlook Handbook (OOH)—search by specific careers and view information regarding training, education, earnings, expected job outlook, working conditions and day-to-day responsibilities for different occupations. OOH is revised every two years.

Professional Organizations

Sites maintained by career-specific professional organizations are geared toward practicing professionals and provide information for individuals interested in entering the fields. These sites are useful for learning about a profession, networking with others, and often list employment opportunities.

Utilize Online Job Search Sites

General sites

  • Department of Labor Job Bank—links to employment offices within each state and provides practical information for the job search process
  •—current postings for jobs nationwide, as well as articles and resources
  •—one of the largest databases of current job postings
  •—one of the largest databases of current job postings
  • ReferenceUSA—provides detailed information on 14 million US businesses so individuals may identify and research companies of interest
  •—searches job openings across the web
  •—postings for hourly jobs: full-time, part-time, and seasonal
  •—job matching service to help professionals connect with recruiters and employers
  •—current job postings within the U.S. Federal Government

Regional Sites

Industry-specific Sites

Network with Others

  •—provides a professional network where individuals connect to contacts to exchange knowledge, ideas, and opportunities